Venice LUT in action

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Read about the new Sony Venice color science coming to the PXW-FS5 mkii

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The Sony F55 "teleprompted"

Super Magenta Killer

Magenta Killer 3D LUT pack for Sony FS5/F5/55/FS7

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F55 4K high-key shoot

The F55 and Catalyst Browse on a high-key shoot

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Uncommon Enemies

A comedy/horror film I co-produced and worked on as the Director of Photography shot with the Sony F55 camera. Starring Michael Cram, Melanie Scrofano, James Gangl, and AJ Vaage. Written & Directed by Alex Hatz.

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from the blog

I test the new center scan mode for using super 16mm lenses on the Sony F55

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Welcome to my cinema blog

Thanks for stopping by my website!

In my cinema blog you’ll discover a variety of articles and information based on the experience I’ve gained working with a wide variety of cinema cameras over the years combined with my work as DP on projects ranging from high-end commercial spots for some of the worlds most recognized brands, to narrative projects, music videos, television broadcast. My portfolio can be seen on

I’ve owned Sony super35mm cameras; F3, FS7, FS5, and currently own and shoot with the Sony PMW-F55 + R5 RAW module as my go to camera. I also often work with Blackmagic, RED, and Canon cameras as well.

I welcome you to my website so stay a while and enjoy the content. Please also subscribe so you can keep up to date with newly published articles.

– Dennis Hingsberg

Movember Episode #2 DOP Notes

The LOEM (League of Extraordinary Moustaches) Team hopes you enjoyed the second episode and incase you missed the first one just head over to the LOEM Movember YouTube channel to watch it. Please share. You can donate to the League here: As mentioned in my previous blog entry the web-series was filmed on the Sony PMW-F3 and in this entry I’ll talk more …

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Movember Episode #1 DOP Notes

I was the Cinematographer for this years annual set of promo videos for the Movember campaign here in Canada and wanted to share my approach and some of the techniques I used to establish the overall “look” for the web-series. Each week as episodes are released I will add an entry to my blog to discuss them, so be sure to …

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RED drops prices

For the first time since Jim Jannard founded RED in 2006 prices are going South for once instead of North where I live. When RED first announced the RED ONE digital 4k cinema camera they were made available for an outstanding price of only $17,500 USD. This price later increased to $25,000 once they started including the MX sensor in all …

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FS700 Owners will Bite the Bullet for 4k

It looks like FS700 owners may need to bite the bullet and plunk over a fair amount of pocket change to see 4k RAW out of the nifty little FS700 super 35mm HD/4k capable camera. With a street price of $9000 FS700 owners will need a new module called the HXR-IFR5 announced this week and priced at around $2000 in order …

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