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F3 through its paces

I needed to share some feedback on the F3 now that I’ve owned one for 8 months and worked on a variety of projects with it from interviews, feature length films, artistic music videos, and even photography (yes with the F3). For a Super 35mm motion picture camera you might expect rigid processes and finagling but the F3 is far …

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Lightmeter use with the F3

I have been using my Sekonic Zoom Master L-508 lightmeter in conjunction with my F3 since I got the camera last year. One of the things I really wanted to be able to nail down was getting the best exposure and consistent exposure for shoots where I may be limited in external tools, or need to shoot a light rig, or as …

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So you think you need S-LOG?

so you think you need S-LOG?

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Footcandles to expose image on F3

Since I left behind the world of shooting with 35mm adapters where I was working with effective ISO’s from anywhere between 50 and 160 to a bright new world of 800 ISO with the F3, lately I’ve been obsessing over different light fixtures and their output performance combined with what’s exactly needed to expose a “good” image with the F3. …

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