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Movember Episode #2 DOP Notes

The LOEM (League of Extraordinary Moustaches) Team hopes you enjoyed the second episode and incase you missed the first one just head over to the LOEM Movember YouTube channel to watch it. Please share. You can donate to the League here: As mentioned in my previous blog entry the web-series was filmed on the Sony PMW-F3 and in this entry I’ll talk more …

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Movember Episode #1 DOP Notes

I was the Cinematographer for this years annual set of promo videos for the Movember campaign here in Canada and wanted to share my approach and some of the techniques I used to establish the overall “look” for the web-series. Each week as episodes are released I will add an entry to my blog to discuss them, so be sure to …

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Graded 8 bit S-log on the F3

More on this soon but I am currently working on two cinematic style music video productions and decided to shoot them using the version 1.4 firmware provided S-LOG which becomes accessible under the picture profile on the Sony F3. Below is a before and after sample for preview. Note this is not the final grade and primarily done as a …

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Auto-exposure on the F3 with manual lenses

I originally wrote part of this reply in response to some criticism the Sony 18-270mm zoom lens was receiving. In particular the “ramping” – which is experienced when zooming throughout the range of a zoom lens which does not feature a constant aperture throughout. The Sony F3 offers an amazing feature buried in the menu that was meant for automatically …

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