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F3 FS7 F5/55 gamma curves

Boat Slog

I became a big fan of the Sony gamma curves on the Sony F3 when I wasn’t shooting in slog. Most of the time slog requires meticulous exposure, some form of a monitoring LUT to satisfy video village, and a post-production colourist who has experience working with it to make it shine. Myself along with many others have found that …

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F3 slog LUTs

If you shoot with slog on the Sony F3 in-camera using the picture profile slog version, or work with slog footage from the F3 in post, at some point you will wish there was an easy way to add a simple LUT to remove the slog from the image either in-camera or in post. On set this can be a great way to get an idea …

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Movember Episode #4 DOP Notes

Welcome to my final blog entry on the Movember web-series and as promised in this final instalment we’ll take a look at how I did some advanced grading on the web-series in Adobe Premiere without the use of any third party plug-ins or add-on filters. Below is a file I created in Photoshop which features six distinct layers each containing a unique gradient which can be …

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Movember Episode #3 DOP Notes

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the Movember episodes so far and be sure to catch the final episode #4 during the last week of November. Remember you can watch all the episodes by visiting the LOEM Movember YouTube channel. In my previous Movember blog entries I’ve mainly been discussing DP and production aspects of the Movember web-series, so in my next two entries I’ll …

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