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Sony F55 vs Canon C700 impressions

Sony F55 Canon C700

I haven’t got my actual hands on the new C700 recently announced by Canon but I have reviewed the initial specs and features of the camera, and since I’ve been getting asked a lot for my feedback or comments on the camera I thought I would share some initial thoughts and impressions, particularly in relation to the Sony F55 which …

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Canon C-LOG exposed, literally


There are many views on how to properly expose images on digital video cameras from use of waveform monitors, histograms and zebras, but anyone who’s familiar with my approach to lighting for digital acquisition knows I like exposing digital similar to how I would expose film in the sense of not being able to see the image until it was later developed. ie. I use a …

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DSLR Revolution

On September 1st 2009 the Canon 7D DSLR was released, and in February 2010 I bought one. I had seen the “Skywalker ranch” video by Philip Bloom posted in December of 2009 and while quite impressed I couldn’t help but realize (and admit) what next digital revolution was upon us. That is, 24P, High Definition 1080P video, and 35mm DOF …

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