FS7 F5 F55 settings to bake LUTs

IMG F55cine EI Zpsf1680e75

Baking in LUTs has many practical uses including quick turn-around of files shot in CineEI mode or using custom created looks you’ve created yourself or downloaded from the Internet. Also with the F5/F55 and FS7 you can only access Sony’s newer color space sgamut3 in CineEI mode (not Custom mode) so using the feature of “baking in a LUT” allows you to use the newer color space and record an image that is de-S-logged.

For a free downloadable collection of 3D LUTs take a look at my online collection: http://www.hingsberg.com/2016/07/sony-3d-luts/

Below is an easy reference guide to the camera settings on the FS7, F5 and F55 if you decide you want to bake in or not bake in 3D LUTs to your camera recording.

Bake In

With this setting, the selected monitoring LUT will be BAKED INTO the recorded footage and also applied for the camera SDI outputs and the Viewfinder:


With this setting, preferred for CineEI mode the monitoring LUT is ON and applied for the camera SDI outputs and the Viewfinder, however not the internal recording:

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