FS5 base ISO values by gamma curve

Sony Fs5 ISO

As some may know, Sony changed the base ISO ratings for many of their gamma curves on the FS5 on firmware version 4.02 released in August of 2017.

Unfortunately many of the base ISO values range in value from gamma curve to gamma curve so below you’ll find the complete base ISO values for all gamma curves both before and after version firmware 4.02 when significant changes were made to them:

After firmware version 4.02

Gamma Curve ISO Value
Standard 800 ISO
Still 640 ISO
Cinegamma 1 640 ISO
Cinegamma 2 500 ISO
Cinegamma 3 800 ISO
Cinegamma 4 800 ISO
ITU709 800 ISO
ITU709(800) 2000 ISO
S-Log2 2000 ISO
S-Log3 2000 ISO

Prior to firmware version 4.02

Gamma Curve ISO Value
Standard 1000 ISO
Still 800 ISO
Cinegamma 1 800 ISO
Cinegamma 2 640 ISO
Cinegamma 3 1000 ISO
Cinegamma 4 1000 ISO
ITU709 1000 ISO
ITU709(800) 3200 ISO
S-Log2 3200 ISO
S-Log3 3200 ISO

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