Sony FS5 Ultimate Exposure Guide update 2017

Sony FS5 Version 4 Ultimate Exposure Guide

I’m very pleased to announce the release of an updated version of the Ultimate Exposure Guide for the Sony FS5 as of firmware version 4.02!

The Ultimate Exposure Guide for the FS5 is publication available as a PDF download with 34  8′ x 11′ pages containing diagrams, tables, and detailed information on everything there is to know about working with the various gammas and characteristics of the camera.

This FS5 has received a lot of changes in the past year via free firmware updates by Sony, so as a result I’ve updated made updates to the publication and included new relevant information. Added are changes to reflect new native ISO values as of firmware version 4.02, information on the Auto ND function, and details about the new Hybrid Log-Gamma used for HDR production workflow. In addition diagrams have been updated to provide even more clarity, and several new information tables have also been added to help understand aspects of the FS5 camera. The revised publication now exceeds over 10,000 words!

Called a “truly indispensable guide” by most, the Ultimate Exposure Guide has all the information you need all in one convenient place so there’s no need to go on any wild goose chases searching the web endlessly, or reading through multiple articles with scattered information.

Publication Contents
  • Exposure:
    • Fundamentals
    • Dynamic Range
    • The Crux of S-Log (8bit vs 10bit, slog2 vs slog3, clipping points for slog2/3)
    • S-Log vs RAW (S-Log vs RAW, 12bit vs 10bit)
    • Standard and Cine Gammas (Dynamic ranges, differences, middle grey values)
    • Hybrid Log Gammas
  • Exposure Methods:
    • Grey Card
    • White Card
    • Light Meter
    • Zebras
    • Monitor (WYSIWYG)
    • Auto ND Mode
  • Replicating CineEI Mode
  • Exposing with LUTs (via external monitors)
  • Light Meters:
    • Introduction
    • Meter Basics
    • Metering Modes
  • Rating your camera ISO

As always, version updates to the publication are FREE to all current owners of the guide. If you already own the guide, an automated email will be sent to all registered email addresses where you first received your PDF guide download link. Please be sure to check your spam/junk/trash folders first before contacting the support desk on

If you don’t yet have a copy but want one, head over to where you can order yours today!

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