Which Sony cameras make the cut for NetFlix


A chart floating around Facebook indicating camera requirements is making a bit of a buzz online, especially amongst Sony cinema camera owners since the PXW-FS7, PMW-F55 and F65 models are listed – but not the poor little brother (or sister) the PMW-F5!

Naturally speculation ensued and in a nutshell the likely reasons the F5 is not listed could come down to a few very basic things:

  • The stock PMW-F5 does not shoot in 4K internally, it requires a paid upgrade to record XAVC 4K internally to SXS cards.
  • The FS7II offers Rec-2020 colorspace while the F5 does not. (Odd because they share the same sensor)
  • Rec2020 was added via firmware 7.01 but only for the F55, not the F5.

So what’s the likely explanation for NetFlix excluding the PMW-F5? Honestly I think it just comes down to somewhat of an oversight by NetFlix by looking at “stock” camera specs. The PMW-F5 with AXS-R5 or AXS-R7 can easily record 4K in RAW and deliver in the log format and color space requirements if you actually read the specific requirements.

On the subject of Netflix requirements, here’s a link to the full requirements for both production and pre-production which are definitely worth reading and understanding before embarking on your journey of possibly shooting for NetFlix – “Production and Post-Production Requirements v2.1 NetFlix

Was a good scare, but for F5 owners I honestly wouldn’t be worried! Do remember there is a $14k upgrade to convert an F5 to the F55? :/


What are your thoughts? Will the PMW-F5 make the cut? Comment below!

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Dennis Hingsberg is an award winning cinematographer and award winning producer based out of Toronto Canada, and founder of StarCentral Inc. – a video and film production company specializing in 35mm film production and film related post production services. Dennis also works as a paid consultant and resource on managing post production workflows for TV and film related projects.

  1. James HollowayJames Holloway06-22-2017

    Interestingly, the Canon c500, a cheap option these days, is no better than the c300 mk1 for internal recording. 50Mbs 1080 and will not record 4k without an external pipe….

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