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This post updated August 30th 2017 to reflect new firmware version 4.02 on the FS5 camera

The PXW-FS5 is the newest super35mm camera being added to the Sony lineup of F-series PXW and PMW (CineAlta) cameras. Below is a full summary of the differences between models as you go down from the PMW-F55 camera. Prices will be summarized at the end again.

The differences between the F5/F55 are:
– silver FZ mount ring on F55
– global shutter on F55
– 1250 base ISO (F55) vs 2000 ISO (F5)
– 4K internal comes with F55. It is an upgrade on F5
– Ability to record HD proxy while recording internal 4K XAVC is part of the $1000 4K upgrade for the F5
– F55 supports Sony CA-4000 4K Live Fiber Adapter
– CFA (Color Filter Array) on F55 is the same as on the F65 and is wider than film according to Sony. The CFA on the F5 (and lower models) are more limited to “rec709” color space. It’s mostly only evident if shooting specific types of lights, RGB, neon, etc.. day to day you’re not going to really see any major difference and also remember that all our displays are limited in colours that can be displayed anyways.
– F5 weight is 7.8 lbs, F55 weight is 7.85 lbs (bodies only)
– Retail price for F5 is $16,490 USD. F55 is $28,990 USD
– Sony SXS Pro+ Plus media $8.40 per GB
– Sony XQD Media with SXS Express Adapter $4.40 per GB

The FS7 is basically the F5 but:
– No SR RGB 4:4:4 or SR RGB 4:2:2 available on the FS7
– No side LCD
– FS7 has e-mount vs FZ
– FS7 has LANC remote port for use with smart grips
– FS7 has audio pots
– FS7 has XAVC-I and XAVC-L (Long) codec
– FS7 has dual XQD media card slots vs SXS
– FS7 battery mount is BP-90 vs v-mount
– FS7 needs XDCA interface to output RAW and is limited to 12-bit RAW versus 16-bit.
– FS7 can not record HD proxy and 4K XAVC to internal cards. It can only record HD proxy when recording 4K RAW to external AXS-R5 recorder
– Supports metabones speed booster
– Has same native ISO of 2000
– Bug: FS7 can not show WFM during optimal LUT use
– FS7 weight: 4.4 lbs (body only)
– Retail price $8000 USD
– Sony XQD Media with SXS Express Adapter $4.24 per GB

The FS5 is mini version of the FS7 but:
– Does not support 3D LUTs – but via gamma assist incorporates Sony LOOK 709(800%)
– No CineEI mode
– RAW available only with paid upgrade
– Has variable digital ND filter built-in
– Has Auto ND function
– Uses standard industry SD slots
– 4K (UHD) only available in 8-bit 4:2:0
– Uses cinegammas over hypergammas – no fundamental difference however
– Only AVCHD & XAVC-L available (No XAVC-I)
– 2 channels of audio vs 4 on FS7
– Native 2000 ISO in SLOG – now the same as FS7 as of firmware version 4.02
– Up to 30fps in UHD 3840 x 2160 (FS7 will do up to 60p in UHD 3840×2160)
– Up to 60fps in HD only
– 120fps using full sensor full HD for 16 seconds
– 240fps using full sensor full HD for 8 seconds.
– Weight of FS5 is 1.825 lbs (body only)
– Price of FS5 is $5600 USD
– Sandisk Extreme Pro SD media (Class 10) $0.74 per GB
– Cannot record internally AND have external use of output ports


PMW-F55 $28,990 USD
PMW-F5 $16,490 USD
PXW-FS7 $7,999 USD
PXW-FS5 $5,599 USD

About the author

Dennis Hingsberg is an award winning cinematographer and award winning producer based out of Toronto Canada, and founder of StarCentral Inc. – a video and film production company specializing in 35mm film production and film related post production services. Dennis also works as a paid consultant and resource on managing post production workflows for TV and film related projects.

  1. matmat11-25-2015


    Interesting post, just a question i have :

    What suppose the fact fs5 don’t have “support 3D LUTs” and “CineEI mod” ? Not good for shooting log ?


    • Dennis HingsbergDennis Hingsberg11-25-2015

      Hi Mathieu, thanks for stopping by my blog. Having 3D LUT capability in-camera are great for monitoring slog so it looks normal in your viewfinder, or on an external client monitor instead of “flat”. Although you can not load your own 3D LUTs into the FS5 camera there is a “gamma assist” function which applies a LUT to your image so you can get an idea of what it will look like after grading in post. Sony provides LC709A and 709(800) LOOK/LUTs to chose from. CineEI mode is a feature that allows you rate the camera ISO differently than is recorded, also in CineEI mode it allows you to record the image without much of the cameras internal processing for a more pure image to work on later in post. CineEI mode is more like using a camera as a “film camera”.

  2. Dave SpeaceDave Speace11-28-2015

    FS5…If you are recording to cards, you can’t record via output ports. Does this mean you can’t output to a monitor too? Or am I missing something here?

    • Dennis HingsbergDennis Hingsberg12-14-2015

      Hi Dave, thanks for visiting. On the FS5 if you record internally to cards, you can then ONLY either view the image on the VF OR send it to external device for recording. So if you use an external recorder without a display, you can not view the footage you are recording. 😮

  3. German GutierrezGerman Gutierrez11-30-2015

    Hello Dennis

    Hope you are well. Please I will neet some advice, I will lake to uses my Canon EF canon lens II in my Sony F55 PL mount what will be the best adapter for me.I am a documentary filmmaker

    Thanks, German

    • Dennis HingsbergDennis Hingsberg12-14-2015

      Hellp German thanks for stopping by my website. I also own the F55 and for Canon glass you might want to get the optitek smart adapter so you can control the iris on the lens. Otherwise if you use a “dumb” adapter you can not control the iris.

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