Out of the box F55 skin tones

I had an opportunity to work on a few episodes for a web-series where the footage would be going straight from camera to post for editing without any color correction or further grading. Below are some stills captured directly from the footage without any further processing.


The frames are not meant to look like Hollywood’s next up and coming blockbuster film. Instead they show what you might expect from the camera “straight out of the box” with your only efforts going towards good lighting, exposure, and use of the built-in Hypergammas available. I think some really beautiful skin tones are seen here from this camera – and this is GREAT news to producers who are looking to go straight from camera to delivery with minimal, or no efforts in further post production processing.






The footage was shot XAVC in HD with the camera set to 24p, 1/48th shutter, 5600k and HyperGamma7 which gives you 1000ISO, 109% white clipping and a slight boost to the mid-tones. HG7 also places middle grey at around 40% IRE. Lighting was achieved by an assortment of reflectors and CFL’s to balance out around f8 on all our beautiful & talented actresses. The lens used here was the Tokina 16-50mm f2.8.

The frame grabs were pulled directly from FCP X 10.0.8 using the latest plugin to import XAVC files. A tutorial on how to use FCP X 10.0.8 to convert XAVC MXF files to ProRes 422 will be coming in the following weeks – stay tuned.

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