F55 slog2 s-gamut mode test

This frame grab was from my first test shooting the F55 using the 4k XAVC format in slog2 gamma mode and s-gamut color space. In post-production I applied Sony’s recently released slog2 to Rec709 LUT which was actually meant for the F65 but Sony says it should also work on the F55. Special thanks to Nate Weaver who discovered the LUT in conversation with Sony over on their boards and then shared it with others.

The video clip below has two parts: part-one is the full clip played normally and part-two of the clip features a 200% blow-up and a post digital zoom with pan and scan.

I found that Sony’s slog2 to Rec709 LUT crushes the blacks far too much so I created a slightly modified version of the LUT which worked out better for my scene. You can download it below if you want to give it a try, I also included another modified LUT which gives a nice golden hue to the highlights for a warmer look.






Sony’s slog2 to REc709 LUT for the F65/F65: download

Original ungraded original slog2 + s-gamut 4k XAVC file: download

slog2sg_to_rec709_STARCentral.001 – LOW CON 01 LUT: ZIP | RAR

slog2sg_to_rec709_STARCentral.002 – GOLDEN TEXAS LUT: ZIP | RAR

Further Reading: What is a LUT?

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