F3 slog LUTs

If you shoot with slog on the Sony F3 in-camera using the picture profile slog version, or work with slog footage from the F3 in post, at some point you will wish there was an easy way to add a simple LUT to remove the slog from the image either in-camera or in post. On set this can be a great way to get an idea of what you image will look like in-camera before you shoot slog, which can also help put some producers at ease when looking at your monitor. Later in post it would also be great to have an easy way to “de-slog” the footage by adding a LUT as a starting point before you get into any additional color correction or grading.

Well fortunately I’ve created a picture profile for the F3 that will let you do that in-camera (this is not the same as loading a custom LUT when shooting with the “paid” version of the F3 slog – what I created is actually a picture profile that simulates what your image will look like without slog). And I’ve also created a 1D LUT that can be used in post to also remove slog from the image as a starting base in post before any color correction or additional grading is needed.

In-camera picture profile 1D LUT Download:
F3 slog Picture profile (adds LUT in-camera but does not push middle grey from 38%)

Post production 1D LUT Download:
F3 slog to Rec709 LUT for post (matches slog middle grey 38% to 50% IRE)



  1. FinnFinn03-03-2014

    Hey Dennis–

    Where should we put the contents of your .zip file to be able to use it in Premiere?

    • Dennis HingsbergDennis Hingsberg03-12-2014

      The ZIP file with the LUT’s can only be used in Premiere if you have a 3rd party plug-in that will read LUT’s. I’ve used LUT Buddy from Red Giant Software. If you can find an older copy online, it use to be free.

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