Sony F3 time lapse sunset

This is a short time lapse I did of a sunset over a lake using the interval function built into the Sony F3 video camera.


The time lapsed was about an hour with the F3 set to record 1 frame every 5 seconds. I started with the built in ND filter set to 1 (1/8th – which equals 3 stops of light) and f22 on a 35mm lens. As the histogram revealed the picture was getting darker, or less exposed, I started stopping down the lens ever so slightly throughout the time lapse. This did result in some exposure stepping which later in post I was able to smoothen out by overlapping those parts by about 4-6 frames. When I got very close to f1.4 on the lens I stopped recording, when up 3 stops to f4 and removed built in ND filter then started recording again.

Overall I feel it went well. The uncompressed full resolution version is absolutely amazing and what you’d expect from HD on the F3. In post I can blow up parts of the frame and the image still looks great. The footage seen here was treated with a curve and some post contrast to really bring out the colors.

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