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4TB of F65 4K footage available from film

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A year ago the Blender Foundation released 4TB of F65 4K from their Tears of Steel film which is fully available for download  from their website This is a CG heavy film so within the footage you’ll find a good mixture of scenes which include some green screen work as well as some motion tracking markers on characters in the …

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XAVC & Sony RAW software compatibility list

I originally published this information on the Sony F5/F55 forums. Here is the latest status on XAVC & Sony RAW software compatibil​ity: AutoDesk Smoke – no plugin yet for XAVC but some users report HD XAVC works. ( Official Thread ) Adobe Production Suite CS6 – Support for XAVC and RAW only via third party plugin. XAVC – supported by …

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Canon C-LOG exposed, literally


There are many views on how to properly expose images on digital video cameras from use of waveform monitors, histograms and zebras, but anyone who’s familiar with my approach to lighting for digital acquisition knows I like exposing digital similar to how I would expose film in the sense of not being able to see the image until it was later developed. ie. I use a …

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When RAW is not RAW

Since RED first introduced the RED One 35mm cinema camera in 2006 eventually we learned about its powerful 12-bit RAW format. Today more and more cameras including; BMC, FS700, F5/F55/F65, C500, ikonshkop, and D16 (in development) are capable of recording data directly off the sensor and storing the RAW data. “RAW” gets a lot of credibility for its ability to …

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