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Movember Episode #1 DOP Notes

I was the Cinematographer for this years annual set of promo videos for the Movember campaign here in Canada and wanted to share my approach and some of the techniques I used to establish the overall “look” for the web-series. Each week as episodes are released I will¬†add an entry to my blog to discuss them, so be sure to …

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Graded 8 bit S-log on the F3

More on this soon but I am currently working on two cinematic style music video productions and decided to shoot them using the version 1.4 firmware provided S-LOG which becomes accessible under the picture profile on the Sony F3. Below is a before and after sample for preview. Note this is not the final grade and primarily done as a …

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Auto-exposure on the F3 with manual lenses

I originally wrote part of this reply in response to some criticism the Sony 18-270mm zoom lens was receiving. In particular the “ramping” – which is experienced when zooming throughout the range of a zoom lens which does not feature a constant aperture throughout. The Sony F3 offers an amazing feature buried in the menu that was meant for automatically …

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F3 through its paces

I needed to share some feedback on the F3 now that I’ve owned one for 8 months and worked on a variety of projects with it from interviews, feature length films, artistic music videos, and even photography (yes with the F3). For a Super 35mm motion picture camera you might expect rigid processes and finagling but the F3 is far …

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