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F55 slog2 s-gamut mode test

This frame grab was from my first test shooting the F55 using the 4k XAVC format in slog2 gamma mode and s-gamut color space. In post-production I applied Sony’s recently released slog2 to Rec709 LUT which was actually meant for the F65 but Sony says it should also work on the F55. Special thanks to Nate Weaver who discovered the LUT in conversation with …

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F3 slog LUTs

If you shoot with slog on the Sony F3 in-camera using the picture profile slog version, or work with slog footage from the F3 in post, at some point you will wish there was an easy way to add a simple LUT to remove the slog from the image either in-camera or in post. On set this can be a great way to get an idea …

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Sony F55 trumps RED

Now that the Sony F5 and F55 are starting to ship it will only be a matter of time before we get to see some great (and probably some not so great footage too) from these cameras. Sony has really upped the ante with these new F cameras offering not only a RAW format with 16 times more precision than …

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Canon C-LOG exposed, literally


There are many views on how to properly expose images on digital video cameras from use of waveform monitors, histograms and zebras, but anyone who’s familiar with my approach to lighting for digital acquisition knows I like exposing digital similar to how I would expose film in the sense of not being able to see the image until it was later developed. ie. I use a …

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