Sony 3D LUTs

Alexa_LogC_2_Rec709 From BMD Davinci Resolve
Bleach_bypass  - (deliver us from Evil) LUT for slog2 – issued by Sony and contains: slog2-sgamut-to LC-709, LC709TypeA, Slog2-709, Cine+709. – converts sgamut3 to sgamut3.cine color space for easier grading
SonyLookProfiles Slog3 Sgamut3Cine – issued by Sony and contains: slog3-sgamut3.cine to LC-709, LC709TypeA, Slog2-709, Cine+709
f35-slog-to-lc709A – modified LC709A LUT using Ben’s calculator – Made by Dennis Hingsberg for slog3/sgamut3
kodak_Fuji – Kodak 2383/2393 and Fuji 3510/3513 film emulation LUTs – Made by Dennis Hingsberg converts legal signal to data levels
slog2_cross_process_01 – Made by Dennis Hingsberg. base is slog2-to-ACES emulation.
slog2_to_cineon.cube – Mac’s slog to cineon
slog2sg_to_rec709_STARCentral.001 – LOW CON 01 LUT Made by Dennis Hingsberg. March 2013.
slog2sg_to_rec709_STARCentral.002 – GOLDEN TEXAS LUT Made by Dennis Hingsberg. March 2013.

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