360fps on the Sony F55

360fps F55 System

Perhaps it’s not widely known but the Sony F55 camera can actually go up to 360fps! Here’s a quick overview of HFR (High Frame Rate) on the F55 before we get to the goodies.

Internally the F55 camera can record up to 60p in 4K XAVC, and 180fps in HD XAVC. With the AXS-R5 RAW recording module up to 240fps is possible in 2K resolution in RAW. Depending on the subject matter I recommend the optional Sony 2K OLPF (Optical Low Pass Filter) when shooting over 60p which reduces the amount of aliasing in the higher frame rates due to pixel-binning that is used to increase the light sensitivity at these very high frame rates. More light gathering requires less amplification or gain, and hence less noise for HFR mode on the F55 which is a pretty good trade off in my opinion.

Seen here on my camera, the 2K OLPF when installed greatly reduces aliasing in HFR mode – especially if the content being shot contains many straight edge lines and aliasing can also become evident with arcs or if gentle curves are present. With more organic material aliasing seems less prominent.

2K OLPF for the Sony F5 & F55 Cameras

2K OLPF for the F5 & F55 Cameras

Ok so on with how to get 360fps on the Sony F55 camera;

Using the  CA4000 4K fibre transmission camera adaptor, BPU-4000  4K base band processor unit, and SZC2001HD Software (installs on BPU-4000) it’s possible to record up to 360fps using  the Sony PMW-F55 camera!

The extra bits will set you back approximately $58k USD and for more information here’s a direct link to Sony’s article: http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/article/broadcast-products-live-production-4k-videos

  1. Nicholas KovatsNicholas Kovats01-19-2015

    So for approx. $58K I can “graft” on 4k slo-mo capability onto the F55? But more realistically I am now fascinated by this ” optional Sony 2K OLPF (Optical Low Pass Filter”. How much does Sony charge for this and is it user replacable?

    • Dennis HingsbergDennis Hingsberg01-19-2015

      Hello Nicholas and thank you for your comments. The $58k extra in hardware really is more what I’d call a “studio” solution but what’s exciting to know is that as media card speed increased it could be something we eventually see internally capable on the F55. As for the 2K OLPF it is around $600 retail which around what I paid for mine.

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