4TB of F65 4K footage available from film

01 2a 00000

A year ago the Blender Foundation released 4TB of F65 4K from their Tears of Steel film which is fully available for download  from their website http://mango.blender.org. This is a CG heavy film so within the footage you’ll find a good mixture of scenes which include some green screen work as well as some motion tracking markers on characters in the film. There are also some plain scenes as well and amongst my favourite that I’ve had a chance to play with is 01_2a_00000.exr which is a young couple on a bridge over a river.

Here I applied a linear to cineon LUT then used one the Kodak 2383 film emulation LUT along with some additional tweaking.

F65 frame 01_2a_00000.exr from Tears of Steel film

You can find 4TB in footage via this link: http://mango.blender.org/production/4-tb-original-4k-footage-available-as-cc-by/ (Direct link to library: http://media.xiph.org/tearsofsteel/tearsofsteel-footage-exr/)

Additionally around 2TB in F65 footage which has been cleaned is available here: http://mango.blender.org/production/xiph-org-f65-raw-linear-exr-cleaned-and-finals/ (Direct link to library: http://media.xiph.org/mango/)

If you dig around you can find a few original RAW MXF files from the F65 but if downloading files with an average size of 20GB is not your cup of tea, most of the footage is available in EXR so you can download individual frames in 4K instead. The EXR frames available are OpenEXR half float files in 16-bit 4096 x 2160 pixels converted to Rec709 “scene linear” using OpenColorIO.

What you might want to do with any of the linear EXR files is apply a linear to Cineon LUT, or similar one to “normalize” the image before grading, etc..


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