XAVC & Sony RAW software compatibility list

I originally published this information on the Sony F5/F55 forums.

Here is the latest status on XAVC & Sony RAW software compatibil​ity:

AutoDesk Smoke - no plugin yet for XAVC but some users report HD XAVC works.
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Adobe Production Suite CS6 - Support for XAVC and RAW only via third party plugin.
XAVC – supported by Rovi or possibly other third party plugins. ($400-$600)
Notes: Rovi available only for PC at this time and failed miserably on my freshly installed PC when tested.

RAW – supported via FREE Sony PLAD-RW1 plugin.
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Adobe Production Suite CC - Full support of HD/2k/4k XAVC. Support of RAW via FREE Sony RAW Plugin v1.2.
Notes: Windows and MAC.
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Davinci Resolve Lite v9 or higher – Will open 4k XAVC & RAW files but export is limited to HD 1920×1080.
Davinci Resolve Full v9 or higher - Full support of XAVC & RAW including up to 4k resolution output.
Notes: Windows and MAC.
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Sony Vegas 12 - Full support for XAVC, even SR Codec. No RAW support. You need to use Sony RAW Viewer 1.x or 2.x and export using SR Codec then ingest to Vegas.
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Avid – Supports XAVC through AMA plug-in.
XAVC: As of PDZK-MA2 Version 3.11 (Announced Sept 4th 2013) AVID can support HD and 4k XAVC via AMA link.
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RAW Support: FREE Sony PLAV-RW1 v1.x and v2.x for Windows of MAC offer support for Sony RAW MXF files (F65, PMW-F55/F5 and NEX-FS700) in Avid MediaComposer and Symphony products, allowing viewing and editing capability.
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Final Cut - No XAVC support.
Notes: FCP7 will work with proxy MPEG-2 50mb but you need Log and Transfer Plug-In Version 1.2 for Final Cut Pro. See link.
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Final Cut Pro – X – Supports up to 4k XAVC as of version 10.0.8.
Notes: Needs OSX 10.8.3 or higher but I’ve run it on 10.8.2 without issues.

Aiseesoft MXF Converter for MAC – Simple MXF converter to convert XAVC into ProRes HQ in batches. $30.


Sony adds the following notes:
-Re Avid: Media Composer 6/6.5 with our AMA plugins (Raw, XDCAM/XAVC and SR) supports RAW, XDCAM, SR and XAVC HD. No support for 4k XAVC until Media Composer 7. Also supported with our XAVC and SR plugins is the AMA file export function, which allows you to export SR and XAVC encoded .mxf iles. Avid has no 4k infrastructure so RAW/4k XAVC support is still limited to a 1920 extraction (which you have much more control over using the new Frame Flex tool in MC 7) and 1920 export/playout.

-FCP 7 requires Content Browser or XDCAM Transfer as the XDCAM plugin/rewrapper. The old XDCAM EX Log and Transfer plugin for FCP 7 was for XDCAM EX only– no MXF/UDF support. You can also use MXFImport from Calibrated Software or the Sony CINEMON workflow accelerator plugins to bring 50 Mb in directly without a rewrap. For SR you can use the Sony SR plugin for FCP 7, which adds read/decode support. Note that the FCP 7 SR plugin is decode only, so no SR renders or sequence presets. When you tell FCP to auto match the sequence to an SR clip you will get a Pro Res sequence.

-FCP X supports SR files via rewrap to .mov using Sony SR Viewer (new version contains batch export automation script)

-Unofficially  you can bring SR files into Premiere Pro CS6 if the FCP 7/Quicktime SR plugins are installed on the same system. This is not sanctioned by us or by Adobe but the files will import and decode..

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