F55 slog2 LUT samples

Earlier in June Sony released several new 3D LUT’s for the F55/F65 in their forum and having just wrapped up principle photography on a cinematic style film I DP’d called Uncommon Enemies I wanted to give them a try and see how they would look. When applied to my slog2 + sgamut footage the results immediately blew me away and it was quite amazing to see my shots transform with new characteristics of their own derived from the Sony LUT’s.

Below are LUTs applied to a single frame from the film using Davinci Resolve with no other pre or post image adjustments. Individual results will vary on the exposure and color temperature setting of the original footage. You may need to adjust your exposure before applying LUT for optimal results. I also recommend you select the clip attributes in Davinci Resolve and set the video levels to use the full data values 0-1023.

You can view a 1920×1080 version available by clicking image.

original frame shot in slog2 + sgamut

slog2 to Rec709 version 1 (LUT posted by Sony in March 2013)

1D slog2 to Rec709 LUT built into Davinci v9 or higher

slog2-sgamut to Rec709 LC709 (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)

slog2-sgamut to Rec709 LC709 Type A (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)

slog2-sgamut to Rec709 Cine+709 (Released June 2nd 2013 by Sony)

Other LUTS:
starcentral LOW CON 01 LUT (available for free download from my blog)

starcentral GOLDEN TEXAS LUT (available for free download from my blog)

These are not really recommended for grading purposes and can be destructive to your images, so if you’re going to use these for grading purposes its best to use the Sony Cine LUT as a starting point or just start your grade from scratch.

To download these LUT’s visit the following links, the StarCentral LUTs are ones I created myself and others have enjoyed:

Sony 3D LUT’s for F55 & F65 posted June 2 2013

Sony LUT F65 slog2 sgamut to REC709 posted March 4th 2013

StarCentral LOW CON & GOLDEN TEXAS LUT posted March 9th 2013 


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