F55 exposure using zebras

Now that the F5 & F55 are trickling out in more quantities and Sony has yet to release a professional exposure tool in-camera there are growing questions on how best to set exposure for when working with the cameras. Obviously with an external monitor or even a VF by Zacuto or Alphatron you can use the tools included, but when those add-ons are not practical or simply you don’t own them here are a few tips to setting exposure when shooting in slog2 mode on the F55:

In slog2 mode 90% reflectance (like a white card) should read 59% IRE. (Compare that to slog for the F3 folks which is 68% IRE for 90% reflectance.)

You can try setting your zebras to 60%-70% and not let anything very white or reflective-white show stripes.

Personally, I’ve been setting my stripes for 70% and making sure that nothing stripes unless its a super shiny surface, or say a “hot source”. I will probably move down to 60% but so far been pretty comfortable with 70%.

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