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Canon C-LOG exposed, literally


There are many views on how to properly expose images on digital video cameras from use of waveform monitors, histograms and zebras, but anyone who’s familiar with my approach to lighting for digital acquisition knows I like exposing digital similar to how I would expose film in the sense of not being able to see the image until it was later developed. ie. I use a …

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When RAW is not RAW

Since RED first introduced the RED One 35mm cinema camera in 2006 eventually we learned about its powerful 12-bit RAW format. Today more and more cameras including; BMC, FS700, F5/F55/F65, C500, ikonshkop, and D16 (in development) are capable of recording data directly off the sensor and storing the RAW data. “RAW” gets a lot of credibility for its ability to …

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Will Dragon bid farewell to 12-bit linear?

With RED’s latest announcement that the new Dragon sensor may offer up to 20 stops of dynamic range, it has many wondering what’s in store for the insufficient 12-bit RAW based linear file format we’ve all known and grown to love since 2007. Will RED completely gut out it’s EPICs for the Dragon update – or will there merely be …

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Movember Episode #4 DOP Notes

Welcome to my final blog entry on the Movember web-series and as promised in this final instalment we’ll take a look at how I did some advanced grading on the web-series in Adobe Premiere without the use of any third party plug-ins or add-on filters. Below is a file I created in Photoshop which features six distinct layers each containing a unique gradient which can be …

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